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Welcome to MyEasyPages™

  • Use this site to learn how to create a simple HTML web page.
  • Simple WYSIWYG editing of your page - or edit the HTML directly - or do a bit of both.
  • Automatic tidying up of your HTML code - to correct at least some basic mistakes.
  • And immediately see what your page will look like.
  • And a link to your page so that friends and family can see what you've produced.

More resources for use in the classroom, at home or elsewhere

I'd like to hear from you! . . . Feedback is always welcome!

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About MyEasyPages™

Creating a web page made simple . . .

  • This site is intended for SUPERVISED use.
  • While login details are needed to edit pages, once produced, the pages are potentially accessible by anybody - there is some protection to reduce the chance of uninvited visitors accidentally accessing pages, but it probably won't stop someone who is determined.
  • So DON'T put personal details on the pages - or any information or images that you don't want to be made public.
  • And DON'T share your login details with anyone else.

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